What about the technology used by ViewPlay?
The technology used today by Shenzhen ViewPlay Co., Ltd. is the most appropriate. The investment in technology is a significant amount per year. In the coming days, we will upgrade the technology to keep up with the development of the world.

China-based ViewPlay is among the domestic most recognizable company. We are mainly specializing in inventing and producing creative and distinctive wireless presentation system. Various in styles, ViewPlay's sdi wireless transmitter and receiver can meet the needs of different customers. During the design phase of ViewPlay hdmi transmitter, we keep close eyes on customers' needs. With a built-in ESD protection device, the product is free from malfunction or breakdown. People will find the product washable and it is super easy to clean. No special deodorization or mildew cleanser is needed. With a light-weight design, it is able to move around freely.

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