What about the scale of ViewPlay?
Shenzhen ViewPlay Co., Ltd. is dedicated to wireless hd transmitter research, sales and development, using a set of technicians, skilled employees, and assorted testing and processing equipment. Our clients have seen our firm's higher efficiency, higher quality and shorter delivery times. We operate with well-known brands in the business and we understand how to maximize production. We may give you better products and solutions.

After years of engagement in the R&D, design, and manufacture of sdi video transmitter, ViewPlay has become a professional manufacturer in the industry. Various in styles, ViewPlay's wireless tv transmitter can meet the needs of different customers. The appearance of ViewPlay wireless presentation system is designed by our top-class R&D team who has spent most of their time in the lab. It achieves a boost in reception range by focusing wireless signal and reducing interference. The product is fire resistant. It limits the spread of fire by containing it within designated spaces or zones and preventing structural collapse. The product supports video transmission from one sender to multiple receivers simultaneously without delay.

our company focus on its business strategy of wireless presentation system. Get info!
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