How can I contact ViewPlay?
Telephone, email and social websites like Facebook are available. Please feel free to contact Shenzhen ViewPlay Co., Ltd. when you have some problems. Our customer support staff is happy to assist with any questions or problems you may have. The "Contact Us" webpage offers multiple methods to reach people, based upon your language preference and subject matter requirements.

For many years, ViewPlay has been concentrating on the production of wireless presentation device. We have earned rich experience in the industry. Various in styles, ViewPlay's miracast dongle can meet the needs of different customers. The product is equipped with an advanced RO system. The scale inhibitor has been added to the RO system, which helps remove calcium and magnesium metal ions from the water. The product is tested and found to comply with CE, FCC, and TELEC. The self-cleaning function brings much convenience for people. People do not have to clean it every day, and they just need to replace the filter element at intervals. With multi-screen split and multi-cast functions, the product can greatly improve working efficiency.

To better promote the scientific development of ViewPlay, talent guarantee and intellectual support are necessary. Get info!
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