Does ViewPlay have export licence?
Shenzhen ViewPlay Co., Ltd. has been experienced in exporting wireless hdmi dongle for years and is absolutely qualified with related export license. The Chinese government has been always encouraging import and export business trade, which pushes us to get the qualified license to develop the trade. Being qualified with export license, we have our own right to export the products, which will simplify some procedure to improve work efficiency.

ViewPlay is proud to provide high quality hdmi transmitter for many years in China. We are also able to provide more innovative products for overseas customers. Various in styles, ViewPlay's hdmi wireless transmitter and receiver can meet the needs of different customers. ViewPlay sdi video transmitter is specifically designed to meet the needs of customers, featuring innovation and functionality. It achieves a boost in reception range by focusing wireless signal and reducing interference. The product features safety during operation. The water treatment system and water treatment accessories all have been certificated by CE. Almost zero latency can be achieved by the product.

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